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Present-day developments have globally changed people’s regular behavior. Online shopping & services have seen a novel boost, adding to the Internet’s key imperatives. Concurrently, marketing strategies witness a violent rivalry of online goods & ideas. Due to this reason, DIZZARRO’s cooperation with Tape Guys set sights on assisting in creation of a strong positive brand and converting visitors into buyers with a high level of loyalty through website redesign & customization process.

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May 2020
Tape Guys website pages


The https://www.tapeguys.com is a Phoenix-based innovative tape products vendor with a robust stress on sustainability. Yet, in our work on website customization we tried to deliver the message of hassle-free shopping of top-quality goods as well as propel user experience to new heights.

In order to realize the main redesign concept our team have chosen BigCommerce platform & its Camden fully-featured theme (https://www.bigcommerce.com/theme/camden-catalog/ ) as the basis. The workflow included 6 essential milestones:

  • Homepage customization;
  • website navigation changes;
  • Category & Product pages elaboration;
  • Shopping cart/checkout makeover;
  • adding new features;
  • ensuring mobile friendliness.

As far a Homepage is concerned, the following redesign stages have been executed by DIZZARRO: changing categories to Green, Orange, Blue, Surface Containment, Accessories & Custom Printed; amendments to hero banner with the usage of native carousel feature; product comparison graphics layout and customer logo development; reworking reviews/testimonials/ certifications sections.

The work on website navigation involved a range of improvements: the use of one native product carousel, moving or adding of certain elements across the page (i.e. adding an e-mail subscription box to the footer & a bar for promotions in the header), disabling or substituting certain navigation elements, adding social media buttons.


product page redesign
product page layout development
Tape Guys website customization


Category & Product Pages were customized with new features (i.e. the ability to create the draft cart) and button styling, consistent across the website. Shopping Cart/Checkout feature has been provided with some makeover.

While deciding on new options, DIZZARRO laid emphasis on customers’ behavior first, together with user experience as the second essential note. Therefore, we’ve fulfilled a variety of changes to achieve the vendor’s mission: reordering button on order history for ‘Add to Cart’, installing a Calendar widget for scheduling a meeting, customizing Bulk Order page and Save as a Draft Order spec.

Without fanfare, our team have ensured 100% mobile friendliness of Tape Guys website. As a result, shopping on the go has become a simplicity itself.

Tape Guys website mobile development