RotorRon Overview

Fine dress helps to impress. This saying describes accurately the way a visitor grades business by simply leveling looks on a website’s homepage. For that very reason, DIZZARRO have been leery of redesigning the main page for RotorRon – a well-reputed provider of dyno services for brushless motors and motors for sale.

RotorRon homepage redesign


DIZZARRO’s work comprised two tasks: for one thing, to redesign an existing homepage and, for another thing, to make appealing to the visitors at first glance. These are the bookends which add to the successful online business presentation & sales strategy.

As far as the website is based upon WordPress Shoptimizer theme and takes benefit of WooCommerce plugin for e-commerce purposes, our team employed creative approaches in the process of UX/UI improvement of the homepage. The works have been implemented in Figma. In an effort to impart the page with a racing style we resorted to such design crafts as skew lines and corners-cut blocks. This ensured the feeling of motion & speed.

In addition, our designers gave consideration to how potential customers shop online in order to allow for the utmost user-friendliness which includes trouble-free navigation, as well as intelligibility of all elements.


homepage design details
About RotorRon team info on homepage
Homepage product section


Needless to say that mobile version of the RotorRon’s homepage meets the latest trends of UX/UI design alongside the concepts of mobile-friendliness, namely:

  • adaptive screen;
  • high-speed load;
  • ABC (no-frills) navigation;
  • flexible one-column layout;
  • on-point selective content;
  • front and center positioning of call to action blocks;
  • laconic menu.
Mobile homepage development