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Finding talented professionals is much like discovering a needle in a hay field. For that very reason DIZZARRO have done whatever it takes to craft a truly impressive job opportunities microsite for Plenigo Ltd. Our work on doesn’t boil down to UI design & responsive WordPress custom theme development only. We created a user-friendly platform for outstanding job seekers.

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Jun 2019
Plenigo Jobs Custom Theme Development


Plenigo Ltd. is a Munich-based, advanced technology company focusing on the distribution of digital content by means of the implementation of paywalls. Taking into account out-of-the-box nature of the service, Plenigo welcomes to the team actually superheroes. It is not surprising that the choice of the custom WordPress theme development turned next to the graphic novel about superheroes.

It should be noted that the microsite development process strictly complies to DIZZARRO Standards of Work with WordPress-Based Projects. In the course of design creation (development including) we used tools, aside from Sketch & InVision prototyping. Therefore, UI design is rendered perfectly on all types of devices (desktop, tablet, mobile) with different screen sizes. To cut it short, the interface is all about interactivity, smoothness and attractiveness.

At the users’ end Plenigo Jobs platform serves a clear illustration of the individuals who are called to work in the interest of the company. This was achieved thanks to the introduction of clear navigation, unobtrusive color gamut, appropriately sized fonts, as well as conspicuous menus with open positions & informative value.


Plenigo Jobs Platform Pages
Plenigo Jobs Interface Development
Plenigo Jobs Microsite UI Development


‘On-the-go’ – that is how the majority of individuals define their lifestyle. Job hunting is no exception. In this light, DIZZARRO have developed a one-touch & one-click mobile version of Plenigo Jobs microsite. A single tap – and your see all open positions, another tap – and the job description is on, one more tap – and you send CV to join the team of superheroes. Most significantly, all these steps can be performed on-the-go, without hassle or protraction.

Plenigo Jobs Mobile Development