Lukas Nowicki - A Heaven-Born Therapist

Lukas Nowicki project overview

Booking therapeutic services online is an everyday practice. Nonetheless, our team have managed to transform it into a unique experience. Website creation for Lukas Nowicki, a certified holistic therapist who specializes in Massage Therapy & Hatha Yoga, was, to be blunt, an extraordinary practice for DIZZARRO. This is due to the fact that we tried to send a message of symptomatic treatment through website pages, and the move was a success.

Aug 2019
Lukas Nowicki website page


To bring the idea of booking holistic treatment online to life DIZZARRO used ‘Folim’ WordPress Theme as the basis. Naturally, as a part of work we customized the theme in order to adjust it to the client’s needs as well as customers’ expectations. Following up upon, a series of other, no less vital, adjustments, have been completed:

  • menu trimming: Home, My Story (About), Services, Blog, Natural Medicine (Shop);
  • the usage of booking appointment plugin: the incorporation of Book Appointment button on the landing page;
  • content management;
  • the adaption of social media account links in the footer: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest & YouTube.


Lukas Nowicki WordPress theme
Lukas Nowicki WordPress customization
Lukas Nowicki website development


Since first impressions are most lasting we worked every angle to ensure that the users’ first visit to the website was not the last one. The chosen theme absolutely meets the idea of smooth online booking. In addition, our team provided for the harmony between the form and content: unpressing design with emphasis on white-and-gray gamut, utterly simple & friendly navigation, easy-to-fulfill booking procedure (including the selection of suitable date, time and desirable type of therapy), info relevancy & sufficiency. To cut it short, the customers get a comprehensive, trouble-free service within a few clicks.

Lukas Nowicki booking page
Lukas Nowicki theme image
Lukas Nowicki website details