Filter Element Store Website Customization

Success of online business greatly depends upon a holistic approach to the website design & development. Such was indeed the case with Filter Element Store which our team were lucubrating at. With the purpose to provide for the eligible theme customization and design of CTA blocks, we placed reliance in multi-faceted outlook of the project. The result is a user-friendly (web & mobile), state-of-the-industry, and ready-to-sell online store.

Filter Element Store UI Design


To begin with, before embarking on BigCommerce development DIZZARRO took cognizance of the fact that Filter Element Store is a large business with approximately 30K products on sale. In this light, we carried through an explicitly denoted list of activities to ensure technical efficiency as well as upmost visual appeal.

First of all, Blueprint to Stencil migration process was accomplished. Then we proceeded with BigCommerce Camden Theme customization. More specifically, the theme was set to match brand colors, a range of buttons & icons were upgraded (substituted, removed), and homepage layout was modified: usage of wireframes, adding hero image instead of base layout, setting up carousel for the list of brands, header changes (adding links & icons). It should be underlined that homepage modifications have been fulfilled by means of Shogun app.

To continue, we upgraded navigation menus, laying emphasis on Search rather than on long drop-down menus. In addition, child categories were added along with parent category pages.

As regards Category pages, the following activities were carried out:

  • height modification & content changes on product cards;
  • color change of CTA buttons;
  • CTA blocks upgrade to ensure fast and hassle-free order of multiple SKUs.


BigCommerce website development
Product card modification
Filter Element Store Pages Development and Design


As far as  Filter Element Store is adept at the sale of filters of any kind, its design should have summed up the area of expertise. DIZZARRO’s task was to create background for blocks with CTA buttons. Thus, we employed blue & white colors which carry a whiff of air tides and water-waves. All design works were fulfilled in Figma. The process itself included the following stages: concept design, core style guide elements development, wireframes, and, finally, UI Design.

In the nature of things, our team made sure that Filter Element Store rendered mobile friendliness. Some layout elements and blocks were modified or removed at all to deliver on the best one-touch buying experience.

Filter Element Store Mobile Development