The Event Calendar WordPress Plugin

The Event Calendar WP Plugin Functional

Despite a huge variety of multifunctional WordPress plugins, fairly often the latter require personalization. That is the case with The Event Calendar WordPress Plugin (v.4.9.2), which absolutely meets the customer’s business expectations. In the furtherance of this goal, DIZZARRO has carried out works on providing more functionality of the existing module.

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May 2019


Considering the growing importance & usage of mobile devices across different audiences, a flawless operation of the Event Calendar WordPress Plugin on all existing mobile platforms  was DIZZARRO’s prime task. Hence, the process of customization included the following developments:

  • the Event Calendar widget;
  • sidebar filter;
  • custom event categories;
  • custom colors for event category.

The result of the plugin customization is user-friendly interface with multiple advanced features.

The Event Calendar WP Plugin Mobile Customization


As elaborately as the overview might sound, nonetheless, customer’s approval of our work is worth more than gold. We appreciate every piece of this video-feedback.