Your Privacy Is Essential to Us

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter the ‘Policy’) is applied in respect of personal data which Dizzarro, LLC receives from users of this website (hereinafter the ‘User’ & the ‘Website’) and/or from third parties whose interests are represented by the User while using the Website, including when filling in the forms, available on the Website. The current Privacy Policy is developed on the grounds of and according to the law of Ukraine # 2297-17 ‘On Data Privacy’ , the law of Ukraine # 2657-12 ‘On information’, the Cabinet decree # 373-2006-п ‘On adoption of the Rules on data protection in information, telecommunication and information-and-telecommunication systems’, as well as other statutory acts of Ukraine. The aim of the Policy is communicating information to the User about the objectives of data processing and the security measures taken to protect personal data. This Policy is aimed to ensure the protection of rights and freedoms of the Users while processing their personal data with (or without) the help of automation facilities; in addition, it establishes responsibilities of the parties, who were granted access to the personal data, for the violation of requirements which regulate the processing and protection of personal data. The Website Users acknowledge the consent on processing of their personal data (while using Dizzarro, LLC services & products, filling in forms or contacting Dizzarro team) in accordance with this Policy. The individual may revoke the consent to the processing of personal data. In case of recalling, Dizzarro, LLC reserves a right to continue the processing of personal data without the individual’s consent given that there are grounds, documented in the current legislation.


General Provisions

  1. This Policy is applied to this Website only. Dizzarro, LLC is not accountable for the third-party websites, the links to which are available on this Website.
  2. Under this Policy, the User’s personal data are deemed as personal data which the User, of his/her volition, provides Dizzarro team with, while filling in forms, such as contact form which includes provision of services order form. NB! Compulsory data are marked in a special way. All other data are provided by the User to his/her discretion.
  3. If the User does not feel comfortable with providing his name and family name, he/she has a right to indicate any other info which, to his/her opinion, is satisfactory for pursuing an objective of filling in the particular form.
  4. Please, note that Dizzarro, LLC reserves a right to amend and replenish this Policy any time. In this light, check this webpage regularly for any updates.


Personal Data Processing Objectives

  1. The key objective of the personal data processing is the establishment of business relations with individuals and companies, the interests of which are represented by the Users, or the Users at first hand.
  2. Personal data processing objectives are as follows:
    1. the establishment of the feedback connection with the User;
    2. the forwarding of responses to the User’s suggestions, claims or feedback by means of the corresponding forms, available on the Website;
    3. the processing of the Users’ applications & orders;
    4. the formation of contracts/agreements on the delivery of services/fulfillment of tasks with the Users (individuals, companies or third parties which act on behalf of the company);

NB! The processing of the Users’ personal data for other purposes is possible in cases stipulated by the Ukrainian legislation.


Conditions of Personal Data Processing

  1. Dizzarro, LLC is bound to preserve confidentiality in regards to the User’s personal data, except for cases of the User’s voluntary provision of information for unrestricted access. On this occasion, the User acknowledges that his personal data become public.
  2. Dizzarro, LLC is entitled to transfer the User’s personal data to third parties in the following instances:
    1. the User approves of the transfer;
    2. the transfer is necessary for the performance of a particular agreement with the User;
    3. the transfer is authorized and outlined by the Ukrainian or other applied legislation within the framework of the procedure, established by law;
    4. the processing and data storage are realized before the objectives are fulfilled, except for the instances when the legislation obliges the operator to save personal data during a certain period of time. The processing and storage of personal data are realized by any lawful means, including the employment of automation systems, storage databases, according to the law ‘On Information’;
    5. Dizzarro, LLC guarantees to implement organizational and technical measures on the User’s personal data protection from unauthorized or accidental access, modification, blocking, copying, deletion, distribution, as well as other illegal activities of third parties.


  1. The User is bound to:
    1. provide data in sufficient volumes for the fulfillment of the declared objectives;
    2. update, replenish the provided personal data in case of any changes;
    3. keep from providing Dizzarro, LLC with personal data of third parties, except for the instances if he/she acts on behalf of them.
  2. Dizzarro, LLC is bound to:
    1. use the received data for the purposes within the framework of the declared objectives only;
    2. ensure to keep under wraps the User’s personal data, including all confidential info;
    3. ask for a written permission to divulge information, if necessary for the fulfillment of the objectives;
    4. keep from selling, trading, divulging or other activities with the User’s personal data;
    5. take reasonable care in preserving confidentiality, complying to the regulations used to protect personal data in business practices;
    6. block the User’s personal data on his/her claim (or the claim by the authoritative body), while verifying the delivered information or in case this information is subject to invalidation.
  3. The User has a right to:
    1. address Dizzarro, LLC with the claim to delete (block, specify) his/her personal data, if the data are incomplete, outdated, inaccurate or illegally obtained;
    2. recall his/her consent for the personal data processing.
      The appeal can be sent in any of the following ways:
      – by using e-mail;
      – by making a call;
      – by filling in feedback/contact form;
      – by sending a mail to Dizzarro, LLC official address, provided on Contact page (link).
  4. Dizzarro, LLC has a right to make changes to this Policy without the User’s consent. The current policy comes into force as of the time of its disclosure on this Website.

NB! Both parties come to a mutual agreement on holding each other’s proprietary and personal data confidential.


The Implementation of Personal Data Protection

  1. Dizzarro’s practice on processing of personal data in information systems is based on the principles of keeping the received data confidential.
  2. Personal data security during the processing in information systems is backed by the information security system, including the employment of software and hardware security tools as well as the organization of limitation of physical access of third parties to Dizzarro, LLC office and its facilities.
  3. The exchange of personal data during the processing in information systems is realized via communication channels, protected by the technical data protection tools.
  4. When processing personal data in Dizzarro’s information systems the following measures are taken:
    – the implementation of measures focused on prevention of unauthorized access to the User’s personal data or the transfer of personal data to unauthorized third parties;
    – the timely detection of unauthorized access to personal data;
    – the prevention of impacts on Dizzarro’s technical facilities and personal data processing means;
    – the possibility to immediately recover personal data which have been subject to unauthorized modification/deletion;
    – the permanent personal data security control.
    NB! Dizzarro, LLC does not disclose information about the applied tools & methods of the implementation of personal data protection, aiming to ensure the highest level of personal data protection.
  5. Dizzarro, LLC acknowledges the usage of server logs which capture non-personally identifying info, including the User’s IP-address, the date and time of a visit, the URL of a website the User is linked from, and data received from cookies. For more information about Cookies visit our Terms & Conditions page (link). The abovementioned data help Dizzarro, LLC in enhancing the interaction with the Users and improving our services.



If you believe that Dizzarro, LLC infringes upon this Privacy Policy, you are free to file a complaint to our e-mail: All Users’ appeals are an object of investigation & response within 20 business days. Dizzarro, LLC is bound to address all incoming issues to eliminate any misunderstandings or further proceedings.